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until launch.

MetaCX is pioneering a new outcomes-based approach for managing the entire customer lifecycle by transforming how suppliers and buyers collaborate and win together.

Differentiate and Close More Deals by Reimagining the B2B Customer Experience

Companies have traditionally focused on how they target and sell, not on how they serve a well understood need. As B2B competition intensifies, the customer experience needs to change. MetaCX provides a shared space where buyers and suppliers can collaborate around success plans, onboarding, QBRs, renewals, and more. Manage and coordinate the entire customer lifecycle across all departments within a single platform.

Retain and Expand Customers by Proving Impact on Their Desired Outcomes

In the absence of proof, customer churn is inevitable, particularly today. By creating shared spaces that allow suppliers and buyers to define and measure outcomes, MetaCX helps align sales, success and delivery teams around real outcomes that customers can see. The result is better trust and transparency, which translates into higher win rates, larger deals, and longer, more profitable customer relationships.

Know When Customers are Taking the Appropriate Actions to be Successful

This isn’t your average data platform. Throughout the customer lifecycle, your customers interact with multiple systems and individuals through countless customer touchpoints. MetaCX makes it easy to capture and organize customer activity across all systems and devices to gain a complete, unified view of the customer experience.

MetaCX provides a radically new and refreshingly different way for suppliers and buyers to align on the outcomes that define success.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Since 2018, MetaCX has brought together former executives from Salesforce, ExactTarget and Pendo to create a radically new view of the B2B customer experience. Two years and a $14 million seed funding round later, the official MetaCX launch is nearly here.

Molly Matchett

VP of Operations

Scott McCorkle

Founder + CEO

Dave Duke

Co-Founder + CCO

Logan Pund

VP of Finance

Jake Miller

Co-Founder + CTO

Jake Sorofman


Rona Asuncion

Co-Founder + Dir. of Product Design

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